All true fans of Angry Birds franchise are waiting with excitement for November 8, 2012 and the emergence of  new game : “Angry Birds Star Wars.” Cooperation of Finnish video game developer Rovio and Lucasfilm promises a new game blockbuster with your favorite heroes from the previous 4 parts of Angry Birds game. New Angry birds will appear on the all known platforms (PC, Apple devices, Android operating systems, Microsoft Windows Phone, Kindle Fire). We expect the latest clash of angry rebels and imperial pigs, and who will win depends only on your skills. Below this article you will find beautiful coloring pages with the Angry Birds Star Wars theme.

Star Wars Angry Birds coloring page  Star Wars Angry Birds attacking coloring page

Angry Birds Star Wars Angry Luke coloring page  Angry Birds Star Wars game coloring page


angry rebels coloring page  Angry-Birds-Star-Wars wallpaper coloring page

Angry Birds Star wars coloring page  imperial pigs coloring page

Lard Vader coloring  Lightsaber Angry Birds StarWars coloring page


star wars angry birds colouring

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