Donkey Kong has been relesed for the first time, in 1981. His creator was Shigeru Miyamoto and originally it was developed only for Nintendo platform. After the great success, Donkey Kong was developed for all existing popular platforms in 1980′s.
After first game, developers have made more than 15 new Donkey Kong games.
Donkey Kong Country Returns is the last published game from Donkey Kong franchise.

We present 14 wonderful Donkey Kong coloring pages on one place!!!
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coloring pages donkey kong smilling  coloring pages donkey kongand princess


coloring pages donkey kong mario  coloring pages donkey kong and princess


Donkey Kong coloring pages  Donkey Kong coloring pages

Donkey Kong gameboy coloring pages  Donkey Kong coloring pages arcade

Donkey Kong friend coloring pages  Donkey Kong country coloring pages


Donkey Kong 64 coloring pages  happy Donkey Kong coloring pages

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